How to create an iCREW account:

How to sign forms on iCREW:

  • Login to your iCREW account

  • Click on "My documents" from the home page

  • Click on any documents labeled as missing and fill them out


Create a Parent Profile -(without needing to log in to your child's). This is especially useful for entering volunteer hours in iCrew.

  • Follow link above and choose 'Parent'

  • Fill out the fields to create your profile

  • Select the toggle button that you are a parent

  • That's it - you're done!

Link Multiple Family Accounts -This is useful to see document and payment records for any family member who is rowing.

  • Login to current account (or create new account

  • Navigate to "My Profile"

  • Scroll down about halfway to the "Family Key" area

  • Enter any values that are easy to remember for both Family Key fields; for example, "SmithFamily" and "RowersForLife".

  • Click "Save" at the bottom of your profile

  • Log in to your other family member's profiles, navigate to the same page, and enter the same Family Key values in both fields.

  • That's it, you're done! Now when you log in to any family members' account and navigate to "My Payments" or "My Documents", you will be able to see the records for any rower in the family.

Enter Volunteer Hours -You now have the ability track the hours you've logged and your progress toward your membership requirements.

  • Log in to the profile you just created, or log in to your rower's profile with their username & password

    • Note: Admin does not have password info; you can reset your password at the login screen

  • Navigate to "My Journal"

  • Click on "New Journal Entry"

  • Change the date to when you volunteered

  • Toggle "Visible to Coaches"

    • This step is critical or we can't see the entry

  • Enter the number of Volunteer Hours worked

  • Select one of the options in "Volunteer Activity Type"

  • Add a note if you choose, but not required