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Collegiate Senior Rowing is for those attending universities that don't offer rowing programs but would like to row for their schools. This program is integrated with the summer collegiate program, and continues to the Canadian University Rowing Championships. 

To represent your school at the Western Canadian University Rowing Championships and the Canadian University Rowing Championships you must have a letter from Campus Recreation or the Athletics Department providing consent for you to represent the institution, we are happy to assist with that process.


Club Senior Rowing is for those who have completed their collegiate rowing days, but still want to row competitively in a way that allows them to balance the demands of a career and/or a family. 

Training is early in the mornings to ensure that evening times are kept free. Trainings are kept flexible to allow for other commitments while still providing the team environment rowers love.


Summer Senior Programs are all geared towards the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. This program is for those returning home for the summer from various University programs across Canada, the United States or around the world. 

Training will be 6 mornings per week with additional rows available some afternoons.

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