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The Novice Program is for rowers in their first year of rowing. Practices are three times per week and focus on the basics of rowing and teamwork. This gets rowers comfortable, confident, and competent to join the Experienced Program the following year. 

In the Fall Season, these athletes compete in sprint races designed for their experience level, and will continue competing in spring and summer races at larger regattas in Novice events.

On a rowing team there are two crucial positions: rower and coxswain. Coxswains are vital members of the team who steer the boats, relay coach commands during practice, and execute race plans during competition. Rowers will have the opportunity to experience both to get familiar with the demands, and expectations of each position.

Those with small bodies but big personalities have the opportunity to become coxswains in our advanced programs.


The Experienced Program is for athletes with at least 1 year of experience.

Rowers in the Experienced Program practice 5 to 6 times a week and compete in regattas on the weekends. Rowers spend most days on the water but also participate in “land days,” especially in the winter, that include working out on rowing machines, strength training and cross-training.

Rowing is a year-round sport, with fall, spring, and summer seasons. Fall season for Experienced rowers is primarily head races (longer distance), with the spring  and summer seasons focusing on sprint races (1000 - 2000 meters).

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